Chrisannes Finest Couples





CHRISANNE are the leading suppliers behind some of the most beautifully crafted Latin and Ballroom gowns to have ever graced the dance floor. We believe quality performance is everything; this is why we have chosen to collaborate with a select group of elite dancers that live and breathe CHRISANNE’S values. Our collaboration with each individual will provide us with a unique insight and inspiration into producing new innovative designs that enhance performance and set the trend for dance fashion for years to come.


CHRISANNE proudly presents Emanuel Valeri & Tania Kehlet who have been dancing together since 2002 in the Amateur ballroom category.

It is no surprise that as the No. 1 Danish amateur champions that they have recently had an incredible winning streak since September 2011, placing 1st in all five of the WDSF Standard DanceSport competitions they have entered. Emanuel and Tania have gone from strength to strength. They currently carry a WDSF World Ranking of No.1 in the Amateur Adult International Standard Ballroom category. We are proud to announce that Emanuel Valeri & Tania Kehlet have been a Chrisanne sponsored couple for 10 years

    CHRISANNE proudly presents Marek Kosaty and Paulina Glazik from Poland.

Marek and Paulina began their partnership in November of 2004. We were proud to watch them recently win 2nd place in the Amateur Standard Open competition at the UK Open Championships 2012 Bournemouth.
This couple are a delight to watch on the dance floor and are growing in
popularity… Watch this space!

CHRISANNE proudly presents Marat Gimaev and Alina Basyuk.

Marat and Alina have been dancing together since 1999. They are Blackpool Professional Rising Star Ballroom Champions, 3 times World Amateur Dance Champions, 5 times Russian Amateur Standard Champions, Two times World Cup winners and Grand Finalists of the International, Blackpool and World Championships. They recently took 1st place in Professional Ballroom category at The 2012 Star Championships, Gatwick - England, on Wednesday 11th January and placed 9th in the semi-final at the 2012 UK Open Championships, Bournemouth. We are proud to say that Marat and Alina have been a CHRISANNE sponsored couple for over 10 years.


CHRISANNE proudly presents Mark and Olga Elsbury. 

Mark and Olga have been dancing together since 2002, they are 4 times British and UK Amateur Ballroom Champions.  In 2010 Mark & Olga won The UK Closed Ballroom Championship and The British National Ballroom Championship for the second time. They were most recently placed 11th in the Semi Finals of the Amateur Ballroom competition at the Blackpool Dance Festival 2012. We can clearly see the future is bright for this very talented duo.

CHRISANNE proudly presents Domen Krapez and Monica Nigro

Domen and Monica began dancing together in 2003 in Amateur Ballroom. They have competed in 18 competitions to date and were recently placed 5th at the 2012 UK Open Professional Ballroom Championships.


CHRISANNE proudly presents Warren Boyce & Kristi Boyce

Warren & Kristi started dancing together in 2000 in the Amateur Ballroom category. Today they represent England, regularly competing all over the world as one of the most in demand world class couples.
Profile: Together they represent the IDU World Champions, all time record six times British National Amateur Champions, reigning British National Professional Ballroom Champions and European Professional Championship Grand Finalists. Recently, Warren & Kristi Boyce placed 8th in the semi-final at the 2012 UK Open Professional Ballroom Championships.

CHRISANNE proudly presents Craig Shaw and Evgeniya Sutyaginskaya

Craig and Evgeniya started dancing together in 2010. They were awarded 5th place in the Professional Ballroom category at The 2012 Star Championships in Gatwick, England on Wednesday, 11th January. They recently reached the quarter-final at the UK Open Championships.


CHRISANNE produly presents Dmitri Kolobov and Signe Busk

CHRISANNE proudly presents Anton Skuratov and Alona Uehlin

Anton & Alona  started dancing together in 2007, in the Youth Ballroom category; they have successfully moved on to compete for Germany in Amateur Ballroom.  Anton Skuratov & Alona Uehlin placed 1st in Krsko Open 2012, WDSF International Open Standard and recently placed 9th at the German Open Championships, Stuttgart. We look forward to see what the future holds for this talented couple. 


CHRISANNE proudly presents Eldar Dzhafarov and Anna Sazhina



CHRISANNE proudly presents Jianan Peng and Jaici Zhong



CHRISANNE proudly presents Wei Ping Li and Cen Zheng



CHRISANNE proudly presents Jianan Peng and Jaici Zhong