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The SPONSORED by CHRISANNE Collection consists of an inspirational range of designs created for the finest dancers around the world. In this collection you will find the most glamorous and creative dresses designed for some of your favourite dance champions including Tania Kehlet, Patrizia Ranis, Monica Nigro, Kristi Boyce, Paulina Glazik, Olga Elsbury, Alina Basyuk, Alona Uehlin, Evgeniya Sutyaginskaya-Shaw, Yan Yan Ma and more. These dresses are specially crafted to be worn at specific dance events where CHRISANNE’s finest couples compete. Each dress has a unique style which is inspired by the dancer who puts their creative vision into the couture dress. We invite you to enter SPONSORED by CHRISANNE… be prepared to fall in love with these majestic dance creations.

Sponsored by CHRISANNE

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