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Today we are excited to announce that CHRISANNE are the proud winners of a Queen’s Award for Enterprise: International Trade - the UK’s highest accolade for business success.


This amazing award was received for exceptional overseas sales growth in the last three years through a set of dynamic strategies, developing in new markets and building close relationships.


We are honoured to receive this outstanding recognition for providing unique, high quality couture dance dresses, practicewear, fabrics and trimmings. We source and supply the best and most desirable fabrics from producers in the UK, the EU and globally, and work with dressmakers, resellers and shops in over 70 countries.


This prestigious award does not only reflect the hard work and dedication provided by everyone at CHRISANNE but also your continued loyalty, and we would like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you for working with us and supporting us.



 We hope you have enjoyed being a part of our fascinating journey so far and continue with us on this exciting, ever evolving path.









We have added three NEW exclusive colours to the CHRISANNE fabric range - Blue Paradise, Lilac Dream and Tutti Frutti.

These vibrant fabrics are hot off the press, and only available at CHRISANNE.

All three colours run across our Essentials, Collections and Trimmings range giving you flexibility in your designs.

To find out more contact us today!









Lustre Lycra



Lynx Flock on Stretch Net



Samira Ribbon



Bugle Bead Dropper


With this gorgeous new colour the sky is the limit with where you can go with your designs, so why not try something new today? Get creative with the upbeat and bold Blue Paradise, now exclusively available at CHRISANNE across our fabric range.


Available in: Lustre Lycra, Matt Lycra,

Stretch Net, Luxury Georgette, Organza,

Tamara Lace, Samira Ribbon,

Flower Stretch Lace, Lynx Flock on Stretch Net, Luxury Ostrich Boa, Ostrich Fringe,

Crinoline 40mm, Crinoline 77mm, Fringe 15cm, Fringe 30cm, Stretch Fringe 15cm,

Stretch Fringe 30cm & Bugle Bead Dropper







Lustre Lycra




Floral Cascade Stretch Lace


Iridescent Zig Zag Tulle




Shaded Bugle Bead Dropper


The NEW Lilac Dream is a fresh, sophisticated, and elegant colour that is full of depth. This flirty pastel is perfect for creating eye catching designs which stand out from the crowd.  Now available across the entire CHRISANNE fabric range.


Available in: Lustre Lycra, Stretch Net,

Luxury Georgette, Organza, Tamara Lace, Samira Ribbon, Floral Cascade Stretch Lace, Iridescent Zig Zag Tulle, Luxury Ostrich Boa, Ostrich Fringe & Shaded Bugle Bead Dropper







Lustre Lycra




Tamara Lace



Stretch Net




Ostrich Fringe


Be cheeky and add a splash of colour to your designs with the NEW Tutti Frutti range. This fun and dynamic colour is perfect for any dress or garment. Now available across the Essentials, Collections, and Trimmings range, only at CHRISANNE.


Available in: Lustre Lycra, Matt Lycra,

Stretch Net, Luxury Georgette, Organza,

Tamara Lace, Georgina Guipure Ribbon,

Flower Stretch Lace, Luxury Ostrich Boa,

Ostrich Fringe, Crinoline 40mm &

Crinoline 77mm




The NEW CHRISANNE Fabric catalogue is out now… With over 2200 products between Fabrics, Trimmings and Crystals it is the must have designers’ tool! To explore Lilac Dream, Blue Paradise and Tutti Frutti in full detail, PLUS over 200+ NEW products, contact us to request your FREE catalogue today.


Call or Email us today and quote 'FABRIC CATALOGUE' to receive your free copy



For further enquiries or to place an order: Tel: +44 (0)20 8640 5921   






New CHRISANNE Sponsored Badge


CHRISANNE is recognised for its design, innovation and quality craftsmanship in dance sport for over 27 years.  Made with a vibrant pallet of colours and luxury CHRISANNE fabrics, CHRISANNE dresses have become the leading brand and the go-to choice for dance champions across the globe.

CHRISANNE are proud to launch a brand new CHRISANNE Sponsored Couple Badge that represents the company’s iconic brand and authenticity. Its new sophisticated design now includes the classic CHRISANNE indent and the CHRISANNE logo that has been beautifully sewn onto a Satin base. The badge signifies the distinctive CHRISANNE identity on the dance floor and serves as the official seal of sponsorship.

This new prestigious badge will be worn on the tail suit of CHRISANNE Sponsored Couples and will be officially launched at the WDC World Professional Ballroom Championship on 23rd November 2014, held at the world renowned Empress Ballroom, Winter Gardens in Blackpool.

Sporting the new badge will be some of the finest CHRISANNE couples including Domen Krapez and Monica Nigro, Warren and Kristi Boyce, Eldar Dzhafarov and Anna Sazhina, Craig and Evgeniya Shaw, Mark and Olga Elsbury and Wei Ping Li and Cen Zheng as they compete for the championship title.

To find out more about Sponsorship of the CHRISANNE Sponsored Badge, please contact


NEW CHRISANNE Couture tail suit badge to be unveiled at the WDC World Professional Ballroom Championship


To find out more about sponsorship or the CHRISANNE Couture badge, please contact





Congratulations to the impressive A&A for achieving 3rd place at the WDSF World Championships in Chengdu over the weekend. Click ‘LIKE’ if you love Alona’s CHRISANNE Couture Dress


Wei Ping Li and Cen Zheng feature in Tatler!


The energetic and enthusiastic CHRISANNE Sponsored Couple Wei Ping Li and Cen Zheng (also known as Danny and Angela) have been lucky enough to be featured in an article with Tatler magazine where the couple were interviewed on their views of dance and chasing the dream.


Read their fantastic interview here and be inspired by their passion for dance:




???TATLER? Magazine

Article: Xiaoxia Yan

Photo: Jacque Chong





 Ballare International Championships 2014


Singapore is a country that holds a dear love for the fine art of Ballroom and Latin dancing. On the 14th of September 2014 we witnessed the 4th instalment of the Ballare International Championships. Every year this competition grows from strength to strength, and with Ballare being the Italian word for ‘dance’ we knew we were going to be treated to a great spectacle.

Even though there were no CHRISANNE Sponsored Couples present at this fantastic event CHRISANNE were proud to be named Sponsors and loved every minute we were involved in. The evening saw a number of elegant performances from some outstanding couples. Congratulations to everyone who won and competed, you should all be proud of yourselves.

The Ballare International Championships plan to continue on with aspirations of establishing a Championship brand name that represents the highest standards of dance and integrity in Asia. They also hope to highlight the importance of forging and strengthening friendships within the dance world, both locally and internationally. With such a successful event in 2014, we are already looking forward to seeing what 2015 has in store for us.









Will your sealed bid pay off? WIN a one of a kind CHRISANNE Couture Dress at the GOC



Do you love CHRISANNE Couture? Well now you have the chance to be the lucky winner of a one of a kind dress, designed by CHRISANNE and embellished with the new XIRIUS Crystals by Swarovski.



This classic nude and black dress features an open back which keeps up with the latest fashion trends of the season, whilst also maintaining a timeless style. The rich black Velvet skirt with Satin Chiffon godets accentuates volume and movement on the dance floor. And not to forget that this dress has been beautifully finished with an elegantly stoned baroque pattern using the recently launched XIRIUS Flatback crystals from Swarovski, a crystal that will make you, in the words of the famous Rihanna, ‘Shine bright like a diamond.’






How can you own this beautiful dress? That’s simple, visit the CHRISANNE Stand at the GOC (German Open Champions), admire the dress in all its glory, write down how much you would realistically pay for the dress on one of our bidding forms, seal it up and place it in the ballot box. Sounds easy enough right?
But wait, who will get to buy the dress? The answer to that is simple enough. At the end of the GOC we will open up every sealed bid and whichever person has the highest bid will be announced the new owner of such a dazzling Ballroom Gown at the price they had written down. 





So if you want the chance to show off in the middle of the dance floor, shine brighter than the biggest light in the arena and have all eyes fixated on you as you dance; then name your price and enter the sealed bid auction today.

The bidding starts at £1,500.00 and the auction will end Saturday 16th August (time). Good Luck!







German Open Championships 2014




CHRISANNE is once again at the German Open Championships and are more excited than ever to bring you all the latest fashion trends in Couture, Dancewear and Fabrics to make sure you and your designs are always looking elegant and beautiful.

This year we have done our very best to make this the most entertaining and unique experience with CHRISANNE yet.

Here’s what offers you can expect when you come and visit us:

Pre-order your 2015 CHRISANNE Club today at the 2014 price offer €62.50

      - 25% off Guipure & Crochet Laces/Ribbons & Motifs

         GOC only: Feathers offer 20% Luxury Ostrich Boa/ Luxury Ostrich Fringe

SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS Price Freeze. Order Your SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS At the GOC August 2014 and get them at 2013 prices

Not only will you have the chance to take advantage of these fantastic offers but we have some exciting launches and promotions that will have you jumping for joy.

You will be able to:     





Allure Couture Collection

Discover the power and brilliance of our new and exclusive Allure Couture Collection

Inspired by Tania 2014

Fuel your passion for dance with the launch of our new Inspired by Tania Dancewear Collection 2014

Exclusive Poster Signing

Meet one of your favourite CHRISANNE Sponsored Couple, Emanuel Valeri & Tania Kehlet at an official poster signing at the CHRISANNE Stand on Friday 15th August

Sealed Bid Auction

Have your chance to win a CHRISANNE Couture Dress that has been beautifully embellished with the new XIRIUS Crystals from Swarovski in a sealed bid auction


Inspired by Tania Launch Party




With the unveiling of the Inspired by Tania Dancewear Collection 2014, CHRISANNE will be throwing and exclusive launch party for this brand new range at the GOC on Wednesday 6th August at 14:00pm just for you. Come and visit the CHRISANNE stand at this time and you will be greeted with:



-          Personalized ‘Inspired by Tania’ bottles of water

-          Personalized ‘Inspired by Tania’ re-usable sports bottle

-          Champagne on site

-          Emanuel and Tania will be also be present

-          The whole new collection on show

-          And other various treats throughout the launch



Opening Times


 If you’re at the GOC this week and are excited, then visiting our stand is a must! We will have friendly staff available to you that will be more than happy to assist you with anything that sparks your interest.


Tuesday 12th August 2014        10:00am – 21:00pm

Wednesday 13th August 2014  10:00am - 21:00pm

Thursday 14th August 2014      10:00am – 21:00pm

Friday 15th August 2014             10:00am – 21:00pm

Saturday 16th August 2014       10:00am – 20:00pm


We hope you have an enjoyable and amazing experience at the German Open Championships and we will be looking forward to seeing you there!







Blackpool Same Sex Dance Festival


Blackpool will again play proud host to the eagerly anticipated Same-Sex Dance Festival which has grown even bigger this year and will be hosting the ESSDA European Championships for the first time. CHRISANNE are proud to say that they are supporters of such an amazing Dance festival and were present this year with a stand, sponsorship and prizes for the winners of the competition.

It was set to be a gripping championship with an extra close eye on Caroline Privou and Petra Zimmerman who we worked closely with to make sure they shined under the spotlight in a beautiful CHRISANNE Couture dress. The couple have put a lot of work in to be where they are today and the certainly showed this on the dance floor.


Dancing with such grace and elegance, everyone in the famous Winter Gardens Arena were hugely impressed and as a result Caroline Privou and Petra Zimmerman were awarded first prize and the title of champions. Massive congratulations to the couple who deservedly won and CHRISANNE couldn’t be more proud of representing such a wonderful couple. 







New Champions of the World Open in San Marino



Over the weekend we saw two of our Sponsored Couples travel to the beautiful country of San Marino for the exciting World Open Ballroom Championships. Dmitri Kolobov & Signe Busk and Anton Skuratov & Alona Uehlin who are both very talented couples, are supporters of each other in the dancing world. However this weekend they were both seen by each other as the competition, having to go head to head and dance their way to the top spot.


Both couples have a strong presence on the dance floor and looked equally as stunning on the night. Without feeling too much pressure, both couples managed to impress the judges and make their way into the final round. This was it, only one couple could be crowned Champion and there was no clear favourite. We were treated to a spectacular final dance and with 6 amazing competitors to choose from, it was Anton Skuratov and Alona Uehlin who had won the hearts of the judges and were crowned Champions of the World Open in San Marino. Not only fantastic news for them, but Dmitri Kolobov and Signe Busk also put in a stellar performance and achieved 3rd place on the podium. Congratulations and well done are in order, we are very proud of the work both couples put in to achieve such amazing results.



Alona, Anton, Signe and Dmitri



Results of the World Open in San Marino:

1st Place: Alona Uehlin & Anton Skuratov – Germany

2nd Place: Giuseppe Longarini & Katarzyna Kapral – Poland

3rd Place: Dmitri Kolobov & Signe Busk – Denmark

4th Place: Simone Carabellese & Lucia Cafagne – Italy

5th Place: Volodymyr Lyatov & Veronika Myshko – Ukraine

6th Place: Pasquale Farina & Sofie Koborg - Denmark







Blackpool Dance Festival 2014 - Results


One of the most anticipated and popular dance festivals has come and gone for another year. Needless to say we enjoyed every moment of it, from all the support we received at our stand from all our fans, to watching our Sponsored couples perform with grace and elegance across the dance floor.


This year the competition proved to be at a very high standard with couples from all over the world bringing their best routines to the Winter Gardens Arena in hope of walking away with a winner’s medal and trophy.

CHRISANNE had a number of Sponsored Couples dancing across several categories and each one dance with great passion and beauty that anyone would be proud of.

One of the very first dances of the competition was the Amateur Rising Star Ballroom category where CHRISANNE were rooting for their young and talented Sponsored Couple Jianan Peng & Jiaci Zhong, who had already won a Rising Star competition earlier in the year. Looking to earn yet another championship title, the couple took to the dance floor and gave a performance of a lifetime. The audience and judges seemed to appreciate the amount of talent and professionalism such a young couple showed, and because of that Jianan Peng & Jiaci Zhong were crowned winners of the Amateur Rising Star Ballroom category at the Blackpool Dance Festival 2014.


Philip and Joana


However, this was not the only success from CHRISANNE Sponsored Couples from the competition. Marek Kosaty & Paulina Glazik, whom we all know and love, given their success and achievements over the last few years were favourites to take gold in the Amateur Ballroom category. There was suspense around the arena as the music start flowing and the couples began to glide across the dance floor. The confident Marek Kosaty & Paulina Glazik delivered another outstanding performance all the way through to the final round where they were deservedly crowned the Amateur Ballroom Champions at the Blackpool Dance Festival 2014.





All our Sponsored Couples present at the Blackpool Dance Festival managed to all give a strong performance that they and we can be proud of. Congratulations to you all.

Here are the results of from the Blackpool Dance Festival, including out Sponsored Couples:


Amateur Rising Star Ballroom Results:

1st Place: Jianan Peng & Jiaci Zhong – China

2nd Place: Sergei Sutyrin & Natalya Sazhina - Russia

3rd Place: Maciej Kadlubowski & Maja Kopacz - Poland

4th Place: Stephen Arnold & Yasmin Priestnall - England

5th Place: Salvatore Vitacca & Stefania Vitacca - Italy

6th Place: Mai Jia Cheng & Yin Xue Qin - China



Amateur Ballroom Results:

1st Place: Marek Kosaty & Paulina Glazik - Poland

2nd Place: Chong He & Jing Shan - China

3rd Place: Sergiu Rusu & Dorota Makar - Poland

4th Place: Andrzej Sadecki & Karina Nawrot - Poland

5th Place: Dusan Dragovic & Greta Laurinaityte - England

6th Place: Lukasz Tomczak & Aleksandra Jurczak – Poland




Professional Ballroom Results:



1st Place: Arunas Bizokas & Katusha Demidova - USA 

2nd Place: Victor Fung & Anastasia Muravyova - USA

 3rd Place: Andrea Ghigiarelli & Sara Andracchio - England 

4th Place: Domen Krapez & Monica Nigro - Slovenia 

5th Place: Valerio Colantoni & Yulia Spesivtseva - Russia 

6th Place: Chao Yang & Yiling Tan - China 



8th Place: Warren Boyce & Kristi Boyce - England 

8th Place: Marat Gimaev & Alina Basyuk - USA 

10th Place: Eldar Dzhafarov & Anna Sazina - Azerbaijan

24th Place: Wei Ping Li & Cen Zheng - China

35th Place: Mark Elsbury & Olga Elsbury - England 


Professional Latin Results:


1st Place: Michael Malitowski & Joanna Leunis – Poland

2nd Place: Riccardo Cocchi & Yulia Zagoruychenko – USA

3rd Place: Sergey Sourkov & Agnieszka Melnicka – Russia

4th Place: Maurizio Vescovo & Andra Vaidilaite – Canada

5th Place: Andrej Skufca & Melinda Torokgyorgy – Slovenia

6th Place: Stefano Di Filippo & Daria Chesnokova – USA


27th Place: Anton Sboev & Patrizia Ranis







Blackpool Dance Festival 2014


Blackpool Banner


The biggest and most exciting event of the year so far is right around the corner and CHRISANNE are thrilled to announce that we will be in attendance yet again, bringing you all the latest trends, offers and competitions that we have at present to make your visit to the CHRISANNE stand your best experience yet.

The CHRISANNE stand will be full of new and innovative designs across Ballroom and Latin dresses, dancewear and fabrics that you will be able to try on and buy if you fall in love with them. As well as all these divine garments for you to browse through, there will also be some fantastic offers for you to take advantage off. Here’s what you can find:


-       10% OFF ALL FABRICS